Training courses

For some years now, LE.MA has been making available its wealth of knowledge to give life to a broad range of initiatives aimed at training professionals, through the organization of specific courses.

To ensure a complete and wide-ranging training outlook, teaching methods provide individual and customized training programs, taking into account that the capabilities, motivations and learning times of students are extremely personal.

Experience in practice


Contrary to the predominant structure characterizing the majority of teaching methods, with theoretical training that precedes and is distinct from the subsequent practical instruction, courses provided by LE.MA Studio have revolutionized and eradicated the segmentation of training methodologies.

The manual skills required of specific crafts and trades is a predominant factor, and professional training must consequently provide greater, if not total, precedence to direct experience.

Based on this line of thinking, students attending courses at the LE.MA Studio receive innovative and highly professional customized training from in-house instructors. “Experience in practice”; for training that doesn't merely add value to the course, but is the course itself.